The script action allows you to define an action yourself. You can choose an AppleScript that will process the data that is draged to Dragme.

You can choose the script by clicking on “choose file”.

You can define a title that will be displayed in the drop window and you can add aditional parameters that will be passed to the script.

example script

on run {theText, theFile, theKey, theParameter1, theParameter2}

                  Do something with the Data

end run



theText – this represents the text, if some text was draged to Dragme

theFile – this parameter contains the filepath of the file that was draged to Dragme

theKey – this parameter contains the key that was pressed during the drop operation

theParameter1, theParameter2 – this are additional parameters.  The values for these parameters are defined in the settings of Dragme. It allows you to configure a script with diffrent options. You can add as many additional parameters as you want.