The folder action allows you to save your data to a folder in the filesystem. Images and texts will be saved in a new file in the choosen folder. For all files which are draged to Dragme you can choose to copy or move the files to the selected folder. You can choose the main folder by clicking on “choose path”.

You can add additional subpaths which can be activated by pressing a key on the keyboard while the drop window of Dragme is displayed. To add subpaths just click inside the listbox and press the desired key on the keyboard.

Server Configuration

You normally don’t need the server configuration. This is just helpful if you’d like to move your data to a folder that is placed on a server.

Notice that the password isn’t saved encrypted at the moment.

Keyboard commands

By pressing a key on the keyboard you’re able to control the behavior of the folder action.


M – (move) the file will be moved to the choosen folder

C – (copy) the file will be copied to the choosen folder

S – (save) you can use this command to save a folder that is draged to Dragme as temporary new destination. It will restore the old destination after restart.

You can also control your subpaths with keyboard commands.